EAC Customs Union certification   

According to the agreement Common Criteria and Rules for the Technical Specifications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation signed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on October 18, 2010, the Customs Consensus Committee is devoted to formulating uniform standards and requirements for ensuring product safety. One kind of certification is in common use of these three countries,  thus forming the CU-TR Certification. The unified symbol is EAC.

NOA is one of the most reputable companies in Russian certification area, which not only provides FSC Chain of Custody certification services for the forest products trade chain in China and Russia, but also offers services for the whole category (more than 20 standard categories) products, such as customs union EAC certification service, EAC compliance declaration, customs union registration certificate, GOST-R certification, GOST compliance declaration certification, customs exemption and so on.

While providing professional and rapid Russian certification, NOA provides comprehensive consultations and timely technical services to ensure that customers receive a comprehensive and effective guarantee.